Across every industry or vertical today, one of the most critical themes of digital transformation currently, is that of real time, connected data. Thanks to connected data, various departments and functions within organizations that earlier were all in their own Silos, now function much more cohesively, resulting in real-time actionable visibility to stakeholders and leading to unprecedented levels of efficiency, visibility, agility and innovation. 
Dedicated to the Manufacturing Vertical, and resonating with the theme of Unprecedented Efficiencies and Visibility through integrated and connected data, we welcome you to participate as a Leader at Autodesk presents The VAMRR IFM Summit & Industry Leaders Round Table, Slated for Thursday, 8th December, 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Online,  with the 1st edition being specifically focused on the Automotive Sector.
The exclusive Summit & Round Table will feature a select gathering of 25 Leaders, Innovators and Champions from the Automotive sector and will comprehensively focus on digital transformation in manufacturing, with key topics being Integrated Factory Modelling, Connected Factories, Digital Manufacturing, BIM, AI, Digital Twin, and how greenfield as well as brownfield facilities are transforming with connected technology. All of this with a perspective that the EV era will usher in not just a revolution in Automobiles, but also reflect in the advancement of manufacturing operations. 
The event will also feature an exclusive keynote by Autodesk, on Integrated Factory Modeling (Please add Title and 1 para description of what the keynote will cover)
This will be the 103rd event by VAMRR Technologies in the past 6 years with over 1000+ Industry Leaders & Innovators and 7500 Practitioners, from 5000 organizations from all over India having participated at VAMRR conferences, round tables and expos. 
Please  find below the agenda, as well as the participation confirmation form.
We look forward to welcoming you! 

Esteemed Speakers

G Sathiyaseelan

Vice President
Design & Styling


Sumit Singh

AVP & Head of Customer Experience & Design


Darshan Gandhi

Global Head of Design


Nikhil Rane

Manager, Automotive Seating, Design & Technology


Nikhil Parab

Head, Pro Viz Business



3:00 PM

Introductions & Context Setting

Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR TECHNOLOGIES

3:05 PM

Keynote: New Era of Design Collaboration & Advanced Visualization in Manufacturing

Nikhil Parab | Head, Pro Viz Business India, NVIDIA

3:30 PM


New Trends & Paradigms in Achieving & Managing Design Excellence

G Sathiyaseelan |Vice President Design & Styling, ASHOK LEYLAND

Sumit Singh | HAVP & Head of Customer Experience & Design, HAVELLS INDIA

Darshan Gandhi | Global Head of Design, GODREJ CONSUMER PRODUCTS

Nikhil Parab | Head, Pro Viz Business India, NVIDIA

Nikhil Rane | Manager, Automotive Seating, Design & Technology, ADIENT INDIA

Anand Gurnani | Founder, VAMRR TECHNOLOGIES

4:00 PM

Interactive Panel with all participating Design Leaders

4:30 PM

End of Round Table

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