The Convergence Of Digital Manufacturing, Connected Factory & BIM!

Understanding The Exponential Impact Of Integrated Factory Modeling

The Convergence Of Digital Manufacturing, Connected Factory & BIM!

Understanding The Exponential Impact Of
Integrated Factory Modeling

Dear Manufacturing Leader,
Across every industry or vertical today, one of the most critical themes of digital transformation currently, is that of real time, connected data. Departments and functions within organizations that earlier were all in their own Silos, now function much more cohesively owing to connected data. This  results in ‘real-time’, actionable, visibility for stakeholders, and leads to unprecedented levels of efficiency, visibility, agility and innovation. 
Dedicated to the Manufacturing Vertical, and resonating with the theme of Unprecedented Efficiencies and Visibility through integrated and connected data, we welcome you to participate as a Leader at  The VAMRR IFM Summit & Industry Leaders Round Table, powered by Autodesk The event is Slated for Thursday, 8th December, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Online,  with the 1st edition being specifically focused on the Automotive Sector.
The exclusive Summit & Round Table will feature a select gathering of 25 Leaders, Innovators and Champions from the Automotive sector and will comprehensively focus on digital transformation in manufacturing, with key topics including:
  • Digital Transformation Journey
  • Smart/Digital Factories
  • Building Management/BIM
  • Digital Twin
  • Sustainability 
We are thrilled to share that the event will also feature an exclusive keynote by  Autodesk which is a global leader in Design & Make technology across  Manufacturing, AEC & M&E Industry verticals. 
The Autodesk keynote will be focused on Reimagining Factory planning with an Integrated digital model.
It will deep dive and address the following:
  • Meet production targets with precision: Optimize your production output using your coordinated model to simulate alternatives. Use real-time data from a digital twin to reduce downtime and provide insight into operational efficiency

  • Improve efficiencies of technical services: Ensure your building systems provide the required support. Better plan and coordinate by visualizing production lines in the context of your facility, and monitor performance with real-time data.

  • Maximize profit by making better decisions sooner: Reduce risk by giving everyone access to reliable, real-time design and operational data. Connect market demand data to your supply chain to drive manufacturing output and quality.
This will be the 103rd event by VAMRR Technologies in the past 6 years with over 1000+ Industry Leaders & Innovators and 7500 Practitioners, from 5000 organizations from all over India having participated at VAMRR conferences, round tables and expos. 
Please  find below the agenda, as well as the participation confirmation form.
We will be updating the list of confirmed participants every week from 11th November onwards*
We look forward to welcoming you!


Hemant Sarnot

Vice President

Bharat Forge Ltd.

Ashok Muthuswamy

Assistant Vice President & Plant Head - Silica


Srinivasa Babu Teegala

Associate Director - Manufacturing

OLA Electric

Parminder Singh

Country Head Design, Manufacturing & M&E
India & SAARC


Ravi Naik

Divisional Head - Oprn & Engineering


Vikas Marwaha

Head of Data Science and Engineering

TVS Motor Company

Anand Ravikumar

Project Manager, Smart Factory


Kailas Parkhe

Head Maintenance- BU


Apurba Bose

Head, Manufacturing Engineering


JP Upadhyay

Operations Head (GM)

TATA AutoComp

Vikas Yadav

HEAD-IT - Application & Digital Transformation Leader

International Tractors Ltd.

Manivannan MP

Head EHS

Shanthi Gears

Sreekanth SR

DGM, Digital Manufacturing

Mahindra & mahindra

Satyasheel Rohilla

Sr. Manager -Low Cost Intelligent Automation


Keerti Malavooru

Technical Sales Specialist


Raunak Bansal

Project Manager

OLA Electric

Vishwaraj Chari

AGM & Head of Product & Digital Transformation


Singh Satyaprakash

Project Delivery Manager,
Smart & Digital Manufacturing Engineering


Sathish Kumar Rangasamy

Manager - Corporate Industrial Engineering

Apollo Tyres ltd.

Kaustubh Bapat

Product Owner / Digital Process Expert

John Deere


3:00 p.m.


Introduction & Context Setting

3:05 p.m.


Reimagining Factory planning with an Integrated digital model

Due to changing market environments, factories are constantly in a state of change. New product introduction, Change in supply chain systems, adapting to volume changes, and efficiency improvements are just a few reasons driving rapid change in factories.


But the painful reality is that most factory projects fail. They go over budget, they launch behind schedule, and errors abound in daily work. In a recent survey, 72% of respondents said they’re missing cost targets and 60% said they’re missing time targets. That means factory projects that actually go according to plan are the exception, not the norm. Silos between disciplines, products, and industries lie at the core of many of these hindrances. So how can these silos be overcome? We need to change the ways we work.


An Integrated, data centric approach, & a collaborative platform can bring the entire production team together to help you plan, build and manage a highly efficient factory .

3:35 p.m.


Manufacturing Leaders Round Table

The exclusive  Round Table will feature a select gathering of Leaders, Innovators and Champions from the Automotive sector and will comprehensively focus on digital transformation in manufacturing
The Round Table will be divided into 3 Modules based on key topics, and participating leaders will be invited to share their valuable insights and perspectives on their chosen topics.   
Besides the round table speakers, the event will also have the interactive participation of experienced industry professionals.
The 3 Round Table Modules will include 
  • Digital Transformation Journey
  • Smart/Digital Factories
  • Digital Twin

5:00 PM


Summary & Vote of Thanks


This form is for our exclusive invitees to fill and confirm their participation.


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