Crafting a Winning Smart-Factory Strategy!

Maximizing Efficiencies Across the spectrum With an Integrated Factory Modeling (IFM) Approach

The Convergence Of Digital Manufacturing, Connected Factory & BIM!

Understanding The Exponential Impact Of
Integrated Factory Modeling

Dear Manufacturing Leader,

One of the most important digitally transformative evolutions in Manufacturing is that of “Smart Factory” with its next logical evolution being that of “Connected factory” with connected data from different silos, resulting in ‘real-time’, actionable, visibility for stakeholders, leading to unprecedented levels of efficiency, visibility, agility and innovation.


Resonating with the theme of Unprecedented Efficiencies and Visibility through integrated factory modeling  (IFM) and connected data, the 2nd edition of the The VAMRR IFM Summit & Round Tables Powered by Autodesk, is dedicated to the Manufacturing Vertical, and focuses primarily on the  Automotive Ecosystem. Featuring a select gathering of 40+ Leaders, Innovators and Smart Factory professionals from the Automotive sector, the exclusive Summit is slated for Friday, 28 April 2023, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm online.


Integrated factory modeling is a process that combines BIM and digital factory planning to generate a digital representation of a facility and production equipment. This central, always up-to-date model is used by project contributors from every discipline on any device to plan, design, validate, build, and operate the factory, and can function as the basis for a digital twin. By coordinating each phase of the factory lifecycle and connecting everyone involved, integrated factory modeling results in faster project execution, lower costs, greater production efficiency, and increased product quality.


The VAMRR IFM Edition 2 will feature an Industry Leader’s Panel Discussion followed by an Interactive Discussion and Q&A session by all participants. It will also feature an exclusive keynote by Autodesk which is a global leader in Design & Make technology across Manufacturing, AEC & M&E Industry verticals.


Comprehensively focused on the positive impact that Smart and Digital Factories have across the manufacturing lifecycle and value chain,  key topics that the summit will address are


  • Importance of having a clear smart-factory strategy
  • Role of leadership in smart-factory adoption
  • Benefits of a smart factory
  • Challenges in implementing smart factories
  • Future of smart factories


The upcoming edition of the IFM Summit (Editon 2) follows on the heels of a very successful Edition 1 which was held on 8 December 2022 and featured 20+ leaders from the Automotive industry participating and sharing views. You can view a glimpse of the speakers and topics of edition 1 at


This will be the 108th event by VAMRR Technologies in the past 6+ years with over 1000+ Industry Leaders & Innovators and 7500 Practitioners, from 5000 organizations from all over India having participated at VAMRR conferences, round tables and expos.


Please find below the agenda, as well as the delegate registration form.


We look forward to welcoming you!


Dr. Shailendra Singh

Executive Vice President


Mahender Singh

Vice President, Business Unit (Electrical, Electronics, Lighting 2W & 4W)


Honey Singhal

Director of Quality Assurance


Parminder Singh

Country Head Design, Manufacturing & M&E
India & SAARC


Uttam Aggarwal

Head of Information Technology


Ramakant Sharma

Head Plant Quality & Emissions, Pantnagar


Keerti Malavooru

Technical Sales Specialist



3:00 p.m.


Introduction & Context Setting

3:05 p.m.


Crafting a Winning Smart-Factory Strategy

Due to changing market environments, factories are constantly in a state of change. New product introduction, change in supply chain systems, adapting to volume changes, and efficiency improvements are just a few reasons driving rapid change in factories. In such a scenario, balancing the triple edged efficiency matrix of time, cost and quality becomes challenging indeed.


In this keynote on ‘Crafting a winning Smart Factory Strategy’, Keerti Malavooru shares valuable insights, trends and case studies on truly connected Smart Factories, with an integrated, data centric approach and  collaborative platform that brings entire production teams together to plan, build and manage a highly efficient factory.


The keynote will highlight through case studies, how  the process of integrating data from different silos within a Smart Factory, is helping in efficiently optimizing costs, in enabling visibility with ‘No surprises”,  is helping plants stay agile and efficient amidst volatile demand patterns; and enabling plants to dynamically respond to the massive evolution that the automotive sector is going through.


Attend this session, armed with your questions as there will be an interactive Q&A at the conclusion of the keynote.

3:35 p.m.


Making Smart Factories Smarter

Maximizing Efficiencies & Gains across Life-Cycles and Value Chains with Smart Factory Approach

The exclusive Industry Leaders Panel Session will  feature 5 Leaders from the Automotive sector in a deep dive discussion on Smart Factories
Topics  Include
  • Importance of having a clear smart-factory strategy
  • Role of leadership in smart-factory adoption
  • Benefits of a smart factory
  • Challenges in implementing smart factories
  • Future of smart factories

4:10 PM


Interactive Q&A and Participant's Discussion

This session will include an Interactive Q&A between the panelists and participants. It will be followed by an Interactive discussion by all participants on the topic of Smart & Connected Factory. 

4:30 PM


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